• Mrs AAR

Who is AAR

The AAR Channel (Andy’s Airgun Reviews) started originally in the beginning of 2017 as a fun video with a serious message, this has grown since inception and now has over 1 million hits per month.

It was started by Andy who has been air gunning from the age of 14 and still loves it to this day. It was a perfect opportunity to mix his other interests of filming and music along with the Airgun fascination and include his sense of humour into the mix to create the AAR experience.

Each film is created in a technically modern way, but with traditional values too.

Andy is backed by a terrific team of individuals that include Jules (Mrs AAR) who can be seen from time to time in the programs and also takes care of the increasing workload of all the social media platforms.

Then there is Luke from “Fireballluke” who is the ‘IT’, graphics and animation guy, who never fails to amaze us.

Finally there is Karl (the man!) the gunsmith who has forgotten more than most of us ever knew.

Together the goal is to review, educate, evaluate, and entertain with all things Airgun related.

So Become a Member, help us to help you and have fun whilst you are doing it!

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