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AAR and Fireballuke

Hi all!

You may or may not have heard of me, I am Luke but I go by the pseudonym "Fireballuke" (Yes I know there is only 2 L's). I specialise in digital media such as photography, video, animation, web & graphic design.

Andy came to me, in the beginning, to develop the assets for an Idea he had, a youtube channel that was aiming to be a more entertainment-based reviewer platform for Airgun/accessories reviews.

I had previously been involved with weapons in my past from air rifles and black powder through to firearms and Airsoft so we agreed that there was an opening online for this type of content.

Armed with this I went back to the office

and developed the AAR logo you are all probably familiar with and probably own something with it on.

It was developed to incorporate 3 noticeably different air weapons in its design all placed on a shield with the crosshairs splitting the shield.

It was designed this way with the Youtube Into in mind. Andy asked for very few changes (You may notice the slight difference between this and the final one) just a change of colour and speed so it would sync with the music he was composing for the channel.

I was tasked with coaching Mrs AAR (who would now be Andys Public Relations manager) on social media as well as acting as photography and video consultant to organise hardware and software requirements of the channel.

As the channel grew in popularity thanks mainly due to Andys weekly postage and the increased production value, I have now been brought on once more as the webmaster to develop the site you are reading this on, it was originally just going to be a e-commerce platform for merchandise, however, I have also since incorporated a members site and a forum for you all to use.

As I stay with the project, I will be taking any feedback on issues or feature requests for the website, so if you have seen something wrong, let me know 😄

Cheers guys, and don't forget to follow me on social media to find out what I'm working on


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1 Comment

Apr 13, 2020

Greetings Luke. Thanks for the intro and thanks for amending the colour of the text.


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