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Stinger Ares

A bit of a follow on this week with the Stinger Ares pistol, erm, rifle, erm…..

see you in the morning on AAR Onair YouTube channel, the REAL one 😉

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Sep 24, 2022

Very interesting the CP2 looks very much like my Diana Bandit especially as i fitted a similar stock to the CP2 ! Found the wooden original was too bulky for my hand and did not wish to carve it in case i wanted to sell it later.

Tried it with shoulder stock and Rifle scope at 20 yds and it was good (pistol barrel only)

Back to red dot sight now.

Noticed Andy did not use the Magazine, I had much trouble with the Bandit due to flat nose pellets fouling the lip of the mag at loading point, round nose partly cured the problem but the bolt either closed smoothly or felt like it was deforming the pellet.



It’s getting hard to know what is false and what is legitimate these days, looking forward too tomorrows review

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