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Stanley Crooks
Jun 12, 2020
In Members Space
Hi all, I've recently started target shooting and would like a recommendation on a decent, relatively inexpensive, accurate .177 PCP rifle I could use on a 50m range. I saw Andy's reviews of the Nova Vista Alpha and the Hatsan Gladius and thought "hmmm, maybe..." but I'm not sure either of these would suit? To put it into context, I've entered the Hendon League Bench Rest competition and I'm really getting into it. But I don't yet have a FAC (that's after I see if I'm good enough) so I've been using the club rifle. Given the current state of things, club rifles may be severely restricted when we start shooting again. So I wanted to start with something accurate enough to work for competitions, but not break the bank - as I'm planning on getting something a lot more suitable (and expensive) later on. Thanks!
Stanley Crooks

Stanley Crooks

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