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Vic O'toole
Apr 29, 2020
In Welcome to the Forum
Bit of a confessional this, but fortunately my better half supports my air gun addiction.......I got back in to airgunning just over a year ago, and did the usual online research as times have certainly changed since my last dabble.......Discovered Andys AIrgun Review channel of course and liked his impartial factual and entertaining shows. So're responsible for the following purchases...... Webley VMX pistol, Gamo Maxxim Elite, Gamo GX40 PCP and accessories, "Chinese" pcp air compressor and 7 litre dive bottle, and two Hogan Decimator Silencers. My other guns I have to blame on Giles and his AirgunGearShow.........those being a SMK PR900W, Gamo Coyote, and a Crosman 1077.... so maybe I should blame YouTube for my addiction afterall and let Andy off the hook, in the title, what did you buy after one of Andys reviews?