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I found old 12 gauge ammunition in the attic of our 100 year old house and developed a semi-automatic shotgun ... when I was 15 ;-). Then built an extremely ugly, very dangerous prototype, that ended up in a river soon after.

Even as a teenager I was already a big "weapon fan"... knives, swords, slingshots, bows, crossbows - and after the above experiment, I was regularily reading weapon journals. After reaching 18, here in Austria, I had a beautiful Mosin Nagant, several 22lr rifles, an irresponsibly short-cut shotgun, replica pistols and revolvers, and CO2 and springer rifles. I experimented with ammunition (lost hearing for some days) and tuning in general. Later I joined the army and was sometimes instructor for assault rifles.

Now, due to quarantine, I have been stuck in Southamerica - really bored, starting to watch weapon videos, and in April I decided to invest once more in my hobby: My very first PCP rifle! And it simply had(!) to be a bullpup... because my "favorite rifle of all times" has always been the Walther WA 2000, developed already in the 70s. Of course I never had one, but the style fascinated me - such a modern looking rifle, combined with an elegant wooden stock, ohhhhh, just beautiful.

Currently I'm waiting for the first flight out in September, but have already ordered everything from all around the world: The Kral Puncher Breaker in .22, Walnut (of course), sling, bipod, scope, rails, mounts, handpump (for being mobile)... to rangefinder, windmeter, shooting glasses, targets and a bag full of different pellets. My poor dear mom, having to sign for shipping from all those arms dealers :-)

Thank you Andy - for your reviews and this forum!

Your videos were a starting point for my decision and research.


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