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Jun 16, 2021
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Hello AAR folks. Thanks for the quality content ! I've done some .22LR a while back and have had a springer pistol before (again many years ago). I'm now looking to get back into shooting and am looking for a PCP pistol with a silencer (noise needs to be minimal) which will give me a challenge at relatively short distances in my back garden (15m or so). Should I just get a pistol with open sights or should I get a red dot or scope? Money wise looking to spend < £1K all in. I don't mind the exercise involved using a manual pump (indeed given lockdown etc... I don't think it'll do any harm at all). I saw the PCP pistol review on the youtube channel and kind of liked the Artemis pp800 (I kind of prefer the multi shot magazine) but should I just (given the limited range) go for a single shot open sights type setup which would pose more of a challenge? What would you do ? Many thanks in advance for your thoughts. Cheers Andy.