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Exciting changes coming.... pass the word

We are working hard to support all you shooters to keep you informed, bring you the best in reviews and information... Stay awake-Stay tuned-Stay safe

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Following the success of the Scope competition members can now enter our new competition for the last BSA defiant. Head over to the shop to check it out, detai,s over on the AAR News Channel. https://

Scope Competition Results

Firstly a VERY big thank you to every one of you that entered…. The competition closed last night at midnight and we have run an impartial program to select the winner/s… I decided that as well as the


Unknown member
Aug 22, 2020

Well you put me wise and just how wrong was I in thinking you were recompensed by that well-known gun shop in Nottingham, i.e. in sponsorship for your reviews.

My first thoughts were … ‘what a cheek!’ all your hard work and they got all that advertising for free.

My second thoughts were … great work ethics Mr & Mrs AAR! … Independent, autonomous airgun reviews expertly delivered with sincerity and candour.


Do as you passions drive. Me and mine will carry on watching, enjoying, learning & supporting you & Mrs AAR. (00ps would help you if I put comment in correct place)


Si Overs
Si Overs
Jun 07, 2020

Excellent news Andy, looking forward to all the new content you and Mrs AAR are going to bring


I think we can all agree that your channel is one of a very few that is focused on giving the shooter a truly unbiased view, it shows your integrity that you do not accept payment for your reviews and it is why your channel can be trusted . I'm looking forward to seeing what the next few months bring. Keep up the good work Mr&Mrs AAR.


Mr Darren Jenkins
Mr Darren Jenkins
Jun 03, 2020

Hi mr&mrs aar

I am one of those new shooters who just started before lockdown,I want to thank you for keeping me sane in this scary time .keep at it for all our sakes and can’t wait for the future!!!

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