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Lead Ban?

We’re taking a side step this week, so many have asked that this should be of the main AAR channel as well as the News channel. So, here we go.

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Alan Applegate
Alan Applegate
Oct 28, 2022

I am co-owner of the Airgun Guild ( In recent times, I have written two article the site, about the use of lead in just about everything. The first one is here ( Like the UK, shooters pour a lot of lead into the environment. Shooting ranges here, account for ≈80,000 tons added to an already huge amount by the rest of the world's population. But there is one unfortunate fact, which is seemingly overlooked by the popular press—the use of tetraethyl of lead in gasoline.

Most of the world has since stopped using leaded gasoline, however, Algeria, Iraq, Yemen, Myanmar, North Korea, and Afghanistan still use leaded gasoline in vehicles. Worse, tetraethyl of lead is still used in piston-engined…

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