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A big BIG thank you

Updated: May 13, 2020

Firstly thank you from Andy & Mrs AAR, we have had the website up for a little over 2 weeks and have been blown away by your support. It’s gone so well that we have run low on some stock and unfortunately because of COVID19 deliveries are slower than we would like.... but this has to be expected. Top-ups to the stock are on the way so please do keep checking. If there is something you are specifically looking for from our shop, feel free to message Mrs AAR via the site, she is developing an order list and can let you know as soon as things arrive. Again, thank you for the terrific response, your support makes it all worthwhile.

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3 Kommentare

great videos with a good sense of humour as well as expert advice, long may it continue.

Gefällt mir

My wife loves her fleece jacket, and it made it from the UK to rural Texas in 5 business days. I'm not calling that slow based on the other items I have ordered from Europe/UK/Asia. Thanks for the great merch and fantastic reviews.

Gefällt mir

Thanks for the merchandise great quality and fast delivery well done look forward to more reviews

Gefällt mir
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