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AAR Limited Edition BSA CLX PCP Air Rifle

Since the release of the BSA Ultra CLX in 2021, I have loved it. So much so that I actually purchased an initial release CLX and the 160 Commemorative Edition as I knew these were going to be a future classic! 

It looks like I was right, the 160CE is now being sold on the second-hand market for more than the initial release price!

So this project was a long time in the making, since early 2022 I have been having meetings with BSA on developing a limited edition gun under the AAR brand. So here it is!


Limited 200 MonoBlock Design

This CLX features the same Monoblock design receiver but is engraved with the limed edition run numbers. Attached to this is of course BSAs Cold Hammer Forged Barrel wrapped in a brand new CLX shroud. 

Minelli Green Laminate Stock

The stock was a particular labour of love, I was originally looking at the usual colour schemes such as the forest stock, however, this has been done too many times, so I settled on this fetching "Commando" Green Laminate that has been lovingly carved by Minelli and engraved with the AAR shield on its base.


To go with this gun I have enlisted one of my favourite scope manufacturers Vector Optics, to brand up their amazing Veyron 6-24x44 First Focal Plane Scope with the logo and put in some of their Adjustable Mounts (No Shimms here).

It will all come in the standard Negrini Hard Case with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by yours truely!


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